What are fundamentally weighted index strategies?
These strategies offer a different method of indexing that weights and selects companies based on fundamental measures—such as sales, cash flow, and dividends plus buybacks—rather than on market capitalization. This approach offers a complement to cap-weighted indexing and active management, helping to create more attractive risk-adjusted portfolios.
Behavioral finance and the Fundamental Index® methodology
Watch Schwab’s Omar Aguilar and Mike Savage explore the influence of natural human behavior on investment decisions and how Fundamental Index strategies that follow a disciplined approach can potentially reduce the impact of investor emotion.
Schwab Fundamental Index®* ETFs
Six new Schwab ETFs™ complement the existing mutual fund offering by delivering additional choice and value. They are competitively priced, with among the lowest operating expense ratios (OERs) of any fundamental ETF product in the industry.
Three industry leaders. One strategic alliance.
At Schwab, we recognize the value that Fundamental Index® strategies can bring to client portfolios. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Russell Investments to bring you the Schwab Fundamental Index series, based on the Fundamental Index methodology developed by Research Affiliates®.
Emerging markets: Countries and companies matter
Read the latest white paper in our Schwab Journal of Investment Research™ series, which discusses the differences among the emerging markets and why we should not assume the same outcomes for each market. This piece also explores why fundamentally weighted index strategies may offer a compelling way to access this asset class.