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The franchise
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Building your branch
Launching your business
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The franchise opportunity

When preparation meets opportunity, it isn’t luck. It’s your talent combining forces with our expertise to create one of the most innovative business models in financial services.

Our independent franchisees bring the same brokerage products and services as our Schwab company-managed branches to more communities throughout the country. Leading a Schwab Independent Branch provides an opportunity to take more control over your destiny while offering dedicated, personal service to local investors.

By becoming the face of Schwab in your community, you can nurture strong client relationships with the operational support, vast resources, and brand recognition of one of the most trusted names in the industry.

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Your fit with Schwab

The Schwab franchise opportunity is designed for individuals with deep industry experience and a strong desire to grow a business.

Independent Branch Leaders run a business that reflects their values, and they have the ability to grow that business over time with the support of Schwab’s powerful reputation, robust platform, and investor-first philosophy.

The ideal Independent Branch Leader is passionate about serving investors, has strong local community roots and connections, and is genuinely committed to helping clients take control of their future by reaching their financial goals.

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Building your branch

As an Independent Branch Leader, you can focus on building the business while Schwab oversees the development of a turnkey retail branch for you. The process is driven by Schwab’s real estate team, which has nearly 40 years of experience in building a nationwide branch network.

Leveraging your knowledge of the area, you’ll collaborate with our real estate professionals to secure the ideal location for your branch. Schwab will then manage the design and build-out of your space and implement the latest Schwab branding, systems, and technology. Our team is by your side every step of the way.

You can relax knowing that you—and your branch—are positioned for success from day one.

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Launching your business

Growing the business doesn’t mean starting from square one. As an Independent Branch Leader, you can rely on Schwab to help you transfer your existing clients, as well as provide you with an initial set of current Schwab clients from which to generate immediate revenue and referrals.

As you start out, our revenue- and expense-sharing structure offers enhanced incentives in the early years as you build the business. In addition, the local marketing match program also helps your marketing dollars go further, as your branch gains visibility and establishes your position as a trusted resource in the community.

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Serving your clients

Working with people is at the heart of what you do. And with Schwab product and service teams behind you, you have more time to focus on what you do best: connect one on one with people in your community to develop more client relationships.

For clients, access to Schwab extends beyond your doors through our seamless, multichannel support. From investment analysis to technology specialists, Schwab professionals ensure you have what you need.

Along with high-touch service at your branch, clients have access to a range of support resources—including financial planning, fixed income investing, global investing, and tools for active traders. In addition, there is 24/7 phone support and service at all branch locations, plus anytime, anywhere access to Schwab’s mobile apps. You’ll be well positioned to meet the needs of a wide range of clients—from self-directed investors to those interested in one of our managed investing solutions.

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Your Schwab team

The Schwab franchise opportunity is a chance for you not only to take more control over your career, but also to build a business. You can focus on running the franchise and serving clients, knowing that you can rely on a national network of dedicated Schwab technology, product, and service specialists. Schwab’s vast, dedicated support teams help you significantly scale your business.

You get the same level of unparalleled support that our company-managed branches receive, along with access to a wide array of training resources and the support of a close-knit community of fellow branch leaders.

When it comes time to retire or exit the business you’ve built, your unique relationship with Schwab allows for third-party transferability, subject to Schwab approval. You have the opportunity to sell the business and monetize your success when you are ready to move on.

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