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The chase is on for the Charles Schwab Cup.

At Schwab, we are passionate believers in the power of time. From building your portfolio to improving your golf game, the best returns don't happen overnight. It's the reason why we've been enthusiastic supporters of the PGA TOUR Champions since 1997 and why we created the Charles Schwab Cup.

This season-long, earnings-based competition is the ultimate challenge among PGA TOUR players age 50 and above. Winning the Schwab Cup trophy takes drive, dedication, and intense focus. Culminating in a thrilling three-tournament playoff competition, the top 36 players in the country will be competing for the $1 million top prize that goes with the coveted Schwab Cup trophy.

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The Charles Schwab Cup Championship.

The pursuit of the Charles Schwab Cup ends in a desert oasis during the final event of the season. Held at the prestigious Phoenix Country Club, the Charles Schwab Cup Championship tournament will see a new champion crowned.

For 2019, the Charles Schwab Cup Championship tournament will take place November 7–10. Fans can expect four days of exciting competition and beautiful mountain views in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Will your favorite PGA TOUR Champion player take home the Schwab Cup trophy?

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Forged in victory: The Schwab Cup trophy.

Designed by the world-renowned artisans of Tiffany & Company, the Charles Schwab Cup is sure to have a place of honor in any player's trophy cabinet.

Introducing the new Charles Schwab Cup

The Charles Schwab Cup is created the same way it is earned: with precision, attention to detail, and the overwhelming drive to perform at the highest level. Perfectly executed by an artisan in command of his craft. Since 1860 Tiffany & Company has created trophies recognizing the ultimate achievement in American sports. Among these iconic symbols of elite performance and victory is the new Charles Schwab Cup, commemorating the PGA Tour Champions' premier honor of the season.

Victoria Wirth Reynolds: Tiffany & Company could not be more honored or proud to be part of the great legacy in sports through our relationship with the PGA Tour. What I believe made this design process so special and this cup so special is we took those key elements and attributes that were so key to Charles Schwab and magically incorporated it into this cup. We believe the players that win this cup will feel all those key attributes of stability, transparency, and balance.

Bernhard Langer: There was a goal for me to win the Schwab Cup. It's the goal of anybody that plays this Tour.

Victoria Wirth Reynolds: The Cup is almost 2 feet tall and weighs 20 pounds, which is a significant amount of sterling silver. The design was rendered on paper. When the silversmiths start working with it, they really let the material take over, and they try to let the material speak.

The Charles Schwab Cup was inspired by a number of things. The three modern and sophisticated silver elements on the trophy symbolize the three playoff tournaments leading up to the Charles Schwab Cup Championship. The design features strong lines flowing from the base to the top of the cup, symbolizing growth and optimism. Finally, the symmetry of the cup evokes balance and stability, calling to mind the promise of what Charles Schwab represents to their customers.

Bernhard Langer is a 3-time Charles Schwab Cup champion, the only man ever to do that. The Charles Schwab Cup, symbolizing one of America's greatest sporting triumphs.