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Andy Saeger: I grew up in Wisconsin — "cheese land." My dad was an ironworker his whole life, and my mom was a legal assistant; and neither of them went to college. My dad would get up at 5:00 in the morning, and he was on his feet working all day long; and I just picked up on those habits.

I started out at a mutual fund company, and I realized that I wanted to be with a company where I could help with all financial needs; and Charles Schwab's name kept coming up as a company that would fit the way that I want to help clients.

Jonathan: Thank you for calling Charles Schwab. This is Jonathan. How can I help you?

Andy: I've been with Charles Schwab for eight years now, and all our clients worked really hard for their money; but no client has the same needs. So when a client walks in the door, I want to get to know them on a personal level, understand what they're looking to accomplish—and staying with them throughout their financial lives. The beautiful thing about working with Schwab is that we have so many different investment choices, and my whole goal is to make sure clients make the right choice.

My parents instilled in me that you need to build strong relationships with people; and if you care about them, they're gonna care back.

My wife and I met through clients of Charles Schwab. We have a one-year-old son, and being a dad is just so rewarding. Every day, there's something to look forward to, and it makes me want to work even harder.

I do see that planning for retirement is very similar to training for a triathlon. I love the idea of setting and meeting a goal and pushing your body and your mind to the limit. I want to try to help people reach their goals, even if they don't think it's possible.