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When I started the company 40 years ago, I was providing transactional services on a discounted basis to the most sophisticated people at that time. Today, we're providing a very sophisticated solution to a much bigger set of people. In any aspect of your life, it feels good to be informed. You feel on top of things; you feel confident. But you begin by starting asking questions. To me, managing wealth is one of the most crucial things you can do in your life.

We here at Schwab like to believe, and we think we are, the kind of firm that people can trust. And we try to stand by that standard of being as completely as transparent as possible. And if we don't have the information, we will get it for you. And that's a standard we try to meet every day.

When I think about cost—cost really does matter. Simply put, the more you pay in fees, the less you'll have to invest, less you will have in return. And so, if you're interested in long-term results, you've got to think about cost.

When I think of accountability, I go back in my early times in my life, and it's about responsibility. We are responsible for our service to you. We have financial consultants all over the country in branches and various offices that are there to help our clients face to face.

So today, I think we are well positioned to help people with their wealth management.