1. You're planning to get a car for your 16-year-old. You:


  2. Your 15-year-old gets a summer job. You:


  3. You decide to set up an investment account for your 12-year-old. You:


  4. Your first-born is heading off to college. You:


  5. It's April, and you've just filed your tax return. You:


  6. You're at the grocery store with your two middle-school children. You:


  7. You've just made an offer on a new house and your teen asks, “How are we going to pay for it?” You:


  8. From your teen's perspective, a credit card is:

You have some work to do. You may be making great decisions on your own, but could benefit from passing your financial know-how on to your kids.

Good job. You are teaching your child important lessons. Keep the conversation going.

Outstanding! Not only are you educating your child, you are also doing a great job of talking through all the elements of making sound financial decisions.