Modern Wealth Quiz

When it comes to your finances, what kind of person are you?

We want to know more about your approach to managing money, your spending habits, and how you plan for the future. By taking our short quiz, you’ll get custom tips and resources based on your answers to help you take the next step toward your financial goals.

The power of planning.

A written financial plan is an essential tool that lets you visualize your goals, shows you how to get there, and helps you stay on track along the way. But most Americans don’t have one—do you?

Most Americans know they need a financial plan, but they also face significant roadblocks.

  • 46%

    I don’t have enough money to need a plan.

  • 13%

    I don’t have enough time to make a plan.

  • 18%

    It seems too complicated to make a plan.

Find out what our Modern Wealth Quiz reveals about you and your financial style.