See how much you could withdraw each month.

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See how long your savings could last by filling in the form.

Your savings have a ~80% likelihood of lasting 20 years when you withdraw $4,025 per month.

See how much money you could withdraw each month by filling in the form.

Your withdrawal of $4,025 per month has a ~80% likelihood of lasting for 20 years.

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The projections and other information you will see here about the likelihood of various outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results, and are not guarantees of future results. The output of this tool may vary with each use and over time. Likewise, consider your projected withdrawal is expected to increase each year due to inflation. The tool does not consider the specific securities or other assets actually held by you and does not attempt to predict their future value. Other investments not considered by this tool may have characteristics similar or superior to those being analyzed. This tool takes into account the total portfolio asset amount and risk tolerance profile that you specify. For more details on how this tool works, view our methodology. Please consult your financial and tax advisors to structure a plan best suited to your individual situation.

This initial calculation could be different than the calculation within the Schwab Intelligent Income feature.