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Built-in custom screeners scan the market for potential trades based on your trading plan. Dig into trade details with profit and loss and probability charts. For options traders, Idea Hub® is the premier tool for exploring trade ideas based on sentiment and strategy.

on your trade ideas with a range of resources.

Schwab Equity Ratings help decision-making by delivering timely information and a composite score on nearly 3,000 of the largest U.S. stocks. For further support, run detailed risk vs. reward scenarios with the Trade & Probability Calculator before you commit, view third-party research built right into our platform, or bounce ideas off of Schwab’s highly skilled trading specialists.

on a single trade ticket.

Save time by trading stocks, ETFs, and options from our streamlined and intuitive All-In-One Trade Ticket.® Within the All-In-One Trade Ticket, the Walk Limit® feature automatically searches for the best possible fill price on single and multi-leg orders, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually modifying limit orders.

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Schwab’s exclusive Gain/Loss Analyzer delivers a clear visual that helps make sense of past trading performance and identifies actionable ways to improve. Price alerts can be sent the moment watched stocks or conditional orders reach your criteria. And when it’s time to tune in, Schwab Live delivers market insights through live-streamed Q&A sessions, interviews with specialists, and other events that provide up-to-date commentary and intel for the most current and relevant trade ideas.


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