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For the past two years, Schwab has surveyed employees to learn how they feel about their company stock plans, what they want help with, and how employers can use equity compensation to attract the best and brightest. For 2018, we again partnered with Logica Research to conduct a nationwide online survey of 1,000 equity compensation participants.

We've divided the results into four broad categories:

Behaviors and attitudes.

Equity compensation motivates employees and is used to build wealth:

50% believe equity compensation motivates them to work harder.

44% believe it will help them to significantly build their wealth.

Retention and attraction.

Equity awards can influence an individual's choice of employer:

  • 39% consider equity compensation to be one of the main reasons they took their job.

  • 38% of employees would not consider another job until after their next vesting event.

  • The average employee is 66% vested in their equity compensation.

  • On average, equity compensation accounts for 29% of an employee's net worth (42% for millennials).

Financial wellness.

Employees want company-sponsored financial wellness programs:

61% of employees take advantage of financial wellness programs when offered.

79% who use their workplace financial wellness program consider it essential or very important.

Generational data.

Different age groups use equity compensation in different ways:

  • 55%

    have exercised or sold some equity compensation.

  • 33%

    accepted their current job because of the equity compensation.

  • 43%

    of their investment portfolio is made up of company stock.

Participants want the help of an advisor.

Having the help of an advisor instills greater confidence among employees. In fact, three out of four participants would feel very or extremely confident in their ability to make the right decisions about their equity compensation when helped by an advisor.

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