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Participants like being able to help paint that larger picture.

Participants considered equity compensation important because it allows them to participate in the growth of a company—not necessarily because it affected how hard they work.

Fifty-one percent of those who rated equity compensation important did so because it allows them to participate in the growth of the company.

Thirty-six percent of those who rated equity compensation unimportant did so because it had no effect on how hard they worked.

Equity compensation gets them—and helps keep them.

Equity compensation is an important part of attracting and retaining employees–especially younger employees.

  • 87%strongly/somewhat agree that, given the choice, they would work for an established public company with an equity compensation program.

  • 41%would either not consider another job, or at least delay leaving, until after their next vesting event.

  • 46%of Millennial respondents cited equity compensation as playing a vital role in their decision to accept their current job.

They want help from you—and appreciate when it's offered.

Participants want more education about their equity compensation and ESPPs—and they take advantage of financial wellness programs when offered.

Eighty-two percent agree that they would like their employer to provide more education to help them understand their equity compensation and ESPP programs–highest among Millennials (90%).

Sixty-one percent participate in a financial wellness program, when offered.

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The younger the employee, the more they tend to rely on their plan.

Different age groups engage with equity compensation in different ways.

  • 41%Of their net worth is made up of equity compensation.

  • 36%Plan to use equity compensation to finance their retirement.

  • 48%Have excercised/sold any equity compensation.

Ownership makes all the difference—if participants understand what they own.

While having an equity compensation plan or ESPP helps attract and retain employees, many employees are also looking for education and other programs to help them acheive financial wellness. You can see the details—and learn what else was discovered—in our full report.

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