Stock Plan Services

  • Schwab Stock Plan Services offers financial wellness education, guidance, and support–so your employees can take ownership of their financial situation and work toward stronger financial futures. Based on our research and experience, we've developed a built-in approach to support financial well-being using four key pillars:

    • Digital engagement
    • Financial coaching
    • Educational resources
    • Flexible solutions

    Building from these pillars, here are a few ways we can help you help your employees:

  • Financial coaching & flexible solutions

    Equity Award Consultation Team.

    Schwab’s Equity Awards Consultation Team (EACT) has complimentary one-on-one consultations available to all plan participants. The team's dedicated service representatives help employees understand just what they're getting, and how their awards fit into their larger financial picture.

    Some of what EACT delivers to your plan participants:

    • A thorough review of their current equity award holdings
    • An overview of the potential value of their equity awards–given to them as a helpful reference to guide future plans
    • An action plan based on their financial goals
    • Explanation for potential tax implications of equity award transactions*
    • Post-consultation follow-ups as often as they need it

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  • Digital engagement & educational resources

    Schwab Equity Award Center®.

    The Schwab Equity Award Center (EAC) gives your plan participants information, educational resources, and account access–all in one centralized location. It's a convenient way to provide your employees what they want.

    EAC resources include:

  • More information about Schwab Stock Plan Services.

    Schwab Stock Plan Services has what you need to administer your stock plan efficiently and effectively. You can choose how much or how little control you want, and you can use our tools to help make day-to-day management easier. Plus, you'll have a dedicated team for support and guidance, whenever you need it.

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