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The Challengers Gabriella DeGasperis

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    Gabriella DeGasperis: There’s a lot of fake stuff on YouTube, but I’m not interested in that. I want to give people the real me.

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    A series about people who QUESTION. ENGAGE. SUCCEED. Gabriella DeGasperis

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I’m Gabriella DeGasperis. Golfer and social media content creator. Most people know me as Gabby Golf Girl.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I started playing golf when I was two years old. My parents got me a set of golf clubs. They were pink. And I kind of just fell in love with it.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I love the game so much. I love that I have to put in a lot of work to get better. I love a challenge, and I love sharing that with others. In my experience, junior golf is so competitive that it can take the fun out of the game. And that’s not me. I don’t want to be a part of that.

    On-screen text: Can positivity make me a better golfer?

    Gabriella DeGasperis: Can positivity make me a better golfer?

    On-screen text: Shorter backswing warmups
    Grab each end of the club Stretch the take away

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I make all types of videos. Tips to help people get better. Tricks for fun. I challenge people at the random golf courses. I do collab. I always try and choose the tips that I’m working on myself.

    On-screen text: This is a great feel drill to do for chipping off extremely tight lie

    Gabriella DeGasperis: This is a great feel drill to do for chipping off an extremely tight lie.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I’m working on something, I’m like let’s do a tip about that. I just want to make it as authentic as possible. Right now, what I think needs the most work in my game is putting. And I think that’s just because I’m more of a mathematical person. Not really that feel-oriented. So I have a hard time with speed on putting.

    On-screen text: For me, this is the best putting drill
    Line up 6 balls

    Gabriella DeGasperis: For me this is the best putting drill.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I’m learning the game, and I’m teaching the game (laughing) at the same time. Helping someone else play well makes me feel just as good as playing well myself.

    On-Screen text: Oh.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I’ve had a billion coaches, but my best coach is my dad.

    Ron DeGasperis My name is Ron DeGasperis, and I’m Gabby’s dad. And obviously as a dad, I’m super proud of her. I’d love to tell you that I’m there really managing her time. The fact is that she really is managing her time on her own.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: Every day I kind of set out to do two things: Get better at my game and help others to find their love for the game.

    On-Screen text: I’m the first tee time in the entire club.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I’m the first tee time in the entire club. I play for about an hour and 30 minutes. That’s 18 holes. And then right after that, I usually go home, early lunch, do some homework. Then I’ll come back, practice, film for social media. Anything that I have to do for Instagram reels or any other social media, I’ll do then. Then I come back, edit all of it, do homework, 9 to 11 o’clock at night.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I analyze what I do a lot. If you open my laptop, it’s YouTube analytics on the top. And we’ll have a spreadsheet. We’ll say, okay, which videos gained the most followers? Which videos have the most comments? And we kind of put them in categories, and then whatever’s doing the best at that moment, we’ll put out more. The best video that ever performed was the one where I just introduced my mom.

    On-Screen text: Meet my Mom

    Gabriella DeGasperis: It’s Mother’s Day, and I’m bringing out my mom. So meet my mom.

    Mrs. DeGasperis: When Gabby was little, my husband and I would write on her gloves motivational quotes.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: This is the two-block chip shot.

    Ron DeGasperis: I think the exciting thing about this journey on social media for Gabby is the fan base that she’s created, and it’s growing so rapidly. So for us, it’s exciting as a family to see her wherever she goes to build that momentum and that support of the fans that she has. And if she does make it to the LPGA, then it would truly be unprecedented to have that massive following going into that LPGA Tour.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: A fan base for any player, I think, is extremely valuable. But women apply a lot of stress to themselves. Whether it’s in sports or in just regular life. And sports even heighten more. I do it. So do a lot of the girls I play with. And so do a lot of women on the LPGA Tour. And I think that if women can make themselves a little bit more relatable in those tough times, people would sympathize and understand.

    On-Screen text: When You Play BAD Golf in a Tournament

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I always want to be transparent and honest with you guys about my golf game. I shot 80 today.

    Ron DeGasperis: We obviously have concerns of her being in the public eye. But I think there are concerns in anything you set your kids out to do.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: Sometimes the comments are negative. But most of them are really positive, so I’m super grateful for that. Listen, I can’t control what people say. I can control what I put out there.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: I’m just gonna go after every shot the best I can, be as confident as possible. Here we go.

    Ron DeGasperis: She’s super mature. She’s super responsible. And we definitely, as a family, have a good management over it. I think she’s gonna have a lot of opportunity just from what she’s learned along this journey. And we’re proud of her no matter what.

    Gabriella DeGasperis: If I played you on golf, I will pick that based off how much do I love the team. Not necessarily the level of golf, but I would want to love the campus, the coach, and the kids that I play with. That is most important.

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    Gabriella DeGasperis: You know, golf is my life. But there’s more to me than just golf. I’m still 16. And I don’t know the future. I don’t really know what’s gonna happen.

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Can positivity make me a better golfer?

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