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Unconventionally classic

Whether it was taking on Wall Street from out west or implementing technological innovations—Schwab has been an industry challenger from day one. And with 2023 marking the 50th anniversary of our founding in 1973, such a milestone calls for an equally special car.

Congratulations to the 2023 Charles Schwab Challenge Champion, Emiliano Grillo.

2023: The ’73 Schwab Bronco

Enter the one-of-a-kind ’73 Schwab Bronco: the ultimate open-top cruiser that challenged the status quo of cars as much as Schwab did with financial services. Given to this year’s winner of the historic tournament at Colonial, this hand-built and fully customized classic is a prize fit for a champion. Check it out!

  • Upbeat music starts

    Voiceover:1973 in America, the year of the Challenger.
    Our first year in business.
    A time when underdogs took on champions.
    Skylines reached new heights.
    And new frontiers were explored.

    50 years on, we are still bringing that same challenger spirit to our business and the PGA Tour.
    And are once again building a prize like no other.
    A hand-built celebration of the American West where our company was founded.
    So when the final putt drops at Colonial,
    We’ll award this year's champion the ultimate 1973 Bronco.

    Voiceover: This is "The Charles Schwab Challenge."

    Voiceover: Enjoy the ride.

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The Building of the 2023 Prize Car

Since the ’73 Schwab Bronco is meant to commemorate Schwab’s 50th anniversary, Bryan Rood of Classic Ford Broncos knew that every detail had to be extraordinary. And he and his team absolutely delivered. With elements drawn from the history of both Schwab and the classic tournament at Colonial, this car is as fun to look at as it is to drive. Take a look and see for yourself!

  • Driving, up-tempo rock music plays throughout

    Bryan Rood: My name is Bryan Rood, with Classic Ford Broncos, and I am the builder of the 1973 Schwab Bronco.

    On screen text: Bryan Rood
    Owner Classic Ford Bronco

    Bryan Rood: I've been building Broncos for almost 15 years and we really pride ourselves on building the best Broncos out there. We really want to build something that's reliable, vintage, and gives you the opportunity to drive something every single day.

    I was thrilled to get the call from Schwab, telling me about the golf tournament and asking if it was something that my shop would be interested in building a truck for. The truck had to be a 1973 because it's the 50th anniversary of Schwab's founding. The only thing that's original to this truck is the frame, everything else is completely rebuilt.

    Bryan Rood: The goal with Classic Ford Broncos was to make sure that we're building something that maintains its vintage vibe, but we make it modern reliability. Second requirement is we made individual letters to say Schwab for the grill. We matched the size and the dimensions and the chrome and the red lettering. We actually milled a solid piece of steel into Schwab and welded it on the center of the tailgate.

    Bryan Rood: Another unique requirement to the truck was picking the right shade of blue for this build. We chose to go with a Porsche Etna Blue. It has a very specific paint code, so if there's ever something that needs to be done to the truck, it's easily fixable.

    Every year, the winner of the tournament receives a tartan jacket. We wanted to figure out a way that we could incorporate some of that tartan material into the interior of the truck. Matching that with the whiskey interior just flowed perfectly. We hand stitch all of our interiors, our carpets are made to measure in the trucks, and then we take the leather from the seats and we bind it and then baseball stitch it so that it gives it another really cool, unique touch to the truck.

    Bryan Rood: One extra special touch we did was on the keychain. One side with the tartan material, the other side we use the whiskey leather and we embossed the tournament logo on it. One of the pieces that we try and keep vintage is putting a wood steering wheel on the truck because it feels old. The way that that steering wheel weathers is just a really cool piece.

    This truck was really special to Classic Ford Broncos. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with Schwab on this build. We really want to say congratulations to whoever wins this truck, and we hope that they spend a lot of time behind the wheel, because we know we would.

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