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A tournament like no other.

Whether it was taking on Wall Street from out west or implementing technological innovations, Schwab has been an industry challenger from day one. Over the last half-century, we’ve zigged while others zagged. To honor this tradition, a classic roadster seemed entirely appropriate.

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    Onscreen text: “May Day” 5/01/1975

    Speaker: May Day 1975. A pivotal moment in the history of Wall Street. The SEC deregulates the commissions brokers can charge clients. Most firms raise their prices, but we choose a different path, cut our rates, and in doing so, help reshape the industry. Almost 50 years later, with over 25 million clients, we are celebrating that day in 1975 by awarding this year’s champion a prize like no other. A prize that redefined an industry similarly to the way we redefined ours. A supercar from Main Street. A hand-built tribute to American ingenuity. The ultimate 1975 Stingray. This is the Charles Schwab Challenge. Enjoy the ride.

    Onscreen text: The Charles Schwab Challenge

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A legend reborn for 2024.

May 1, 1975, known in the financial world as May Day, marked a pivotal moment in the history of Wall Street: the SEC issued a ruling mandating negotiated commissions for brokers. Most firms responded by charging their clients more. We took an alternate route. By actually cutting our rates, we helped reshape the entire industry.

Almost 50 years later, we’re celebrating that day by awarding this year’s champion a prize that’s emblematic of Chuck’s bold move. A prize that redefined its industry similarly to the way we redefined ours. A hand-built tribute to American ingenuity. A supercar for main street. The ultimate 1975 Stingray.

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    Jed Stewart: My name is Jed Stewart. I build restomods at County Corvette. Originally, we specialized in NCRS restorations, Top Flight, gold-level restorations, totally original, factory correct cars. We're branching into doing quite a bit more restomods now, which is a modernized version with all the modern technology in a classic style.

    1975 was a very important year in Charles Schwab's history. So Charles Schwab reached out to us to build a '75 Corvette. We set out to build the best 1975 Corvette that's out there. Our body shop's a phenomenal team. They worked hard to totally restore the body. From top to bottom, this is a brand new car. They stripped it down to glass, repaired all the issues with the original glass. We added a new bumper from a later model Corvette in the front. We added a new rear bumper from an '80s Corvette with an integrated spoiler. We also added a customized LT-1 hood, where we do a little custom work on the cowl vent and everything. We put a custom Street Shop chassis underneath of it, wheel disc brakes, Wilwood brakes on it, top of the line. It'll stop on a dime. The engine is a GM LS3. It's got custom air intake, headers, stainless exhaust. It got a custom tune in the engine and transmission. It's putting about 450 horsepower.

    Transmission is a 6L90. Six-speed automatic. And we have a Lokar sport shifter on it with the modern tap shifter, so it can operate as a bit of a manual automatic like a lot of the more modern cars. It's got an Alpine double-DIN touchscreen stereo. It's got a backup camera, the custom speakers, Dakota Digital gauges in it. Everything a modern car comes with, we've integrated into the older car.

    Jed Stewart: Schwab did ask us to do a couple unique design features, one of which being some tartan plaid in the interior of the car, which is what they use on the winner's jacket for the tournament. We work exclusively with Elite Custom Interiors out of Chester County, and they do any kind of upholstery you can imagine. They're phenomenal to work with. Our interior shop was able to integrate that into the seats and the center console. Schwab requested that we come up with a correct shade of blue for the car. We had our painter mix up a couple custom shades of blue. It's a bit of a steel powder blue. Blue and the plaid looks great. The saddle leather looks great. And another thing they asked us to do was to do a custom rear badge with the Schwab letters to replace the Corvette emblem. It's a nice touch to add to it.

    Jed Stewart: I'm extremely happy with the car. I'm very proud of our team. It's very exciting that it'll be in such a public showcase, Colonial Country Club, for the world to see. I'm excited to show off our work. My message to the winner would be, I hope you enjoy the car. I hope you get the chance to take it out and drive it and really put it through its paces, because that's what we build them for. We build them for fun and to be used.

The Specs

Built by County Corvette in West Chester, PA, the Schwab Stingray's specs look good on paper, and even better in person:

  • One-off 1975 body - modified with parts from all of the best 70s and 80s Stingrays.
  • Custom LT1 hood, badging, and saddle leather with Colonial Tartan interior by Elite Custom Interiors
  • Custom console featuring the champion's engraved nameplate
  • Modern GM LS3 motor generating more than 450 horsepower.
  • Custom intake, headers and exhaust
  • Street Shop chassis with coilover suspension
  • GM 6L90 6-speed automatic transmission
  • 4-wheel disc brakes by Wilwood
  • Lokar sport shifter
  • Alpine touch screen electronics with backup camera
  • Vintage Air heating and air conditioning

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