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The Challengers Louisville Golf

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    Jeremy Wright: I think everybody should own a persimmon golf club. Persimmon golf makes this game fun again.

    My name is Jeremy Wright. I'm the owner of Louisville Golf.

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    Louisville Golf

    Jeremy Wright: I kind of feel like there's several types of golfers that you need to identify first. There's a performance-oriented golfer looking to perform his best in tournaments, competitions. He may even be a tour player. And that player, I think, is going to have a difficult time understanding why you might want to play hickory golf or with a persimmon golf club. And then I really feel that there's a golfer out there that may be your weekend warrior—they are looking to enjoy golf. That category is where we stepped in.

    Playing golf with persimmons is fun. Playing golf with hickory is fun.

    Spoken on screen text: Who wouldn't want to experience what it felt like to be Bobby Jones?

    Jeremy Wright: If you're not curious about what it feels like to hit a persimmon wood, then maybe you're not asking yourself the right questions.

    Gerard Just: My name is Gerard.

    Ronnie Just: My name is Ronnie.

    Robert Just:My name is Robert Just. I work here at Louisville Golf, and I've been here a little over 46 years. It wasn't like going to work. I'm the fourth brother in line, and my older brother Ronnie, my brother Elmore that owned it, my brother Mike, myself, and then my younger brother Gerard.

    Gerard Just: I mean, everybody had a key to the company. It was a family thing.

    Ronnie Just: That's what made it so nice—being around your family all the time.

    Gerard Just: Hanging out, enjoying each other's company.

    Ronnie Just: Our brother Mike was the president for years after the founder Elmore passed away, and when Michael wasn't able to run the company anymore, here comes Jeremy, that is a hickory man himself. So that worked out really well.

    Jeremy Wright: We were founded in 1974 by Elmore Just. What makes Louisville Golf Club special is the quality, the craftsmanship, the dedication, and carrying the feel and tradition of persimmon golf into the future. There are about 200 steps before a golf club ends up in the customer's hands.

    Gerard Just: It would take weeks to make clubs.

    Jeremy Wright: You need to select a log that's a minimum of eight inches in diameter.

    Ronnie Just: To make a driver, the block had to be large enough, but it also had to be light enough.

    Spoken on screen text: And then from there, we'll rough-turn them, oil harden it, fine turn, cut the nose, the neck, mill the face. Sole plate, proper weights, bore angle, hand-cut grooves, hand stamp them, spray it from there, clear coat it.

    Jeremy Wright: And this is entirely done by hand.

    Gerard Just: One time when we were doing 100 heads, we might have only one job to do, and we did that all day. But as things changed, we might do 10 different jobs now. I've probably made or touched at least 100,000 clubs.

    Robert Just: Actually, you could probably get away with a lesser workmanship, but that's just not something we're going to do. You can't stop technology. It's always going to move forward. But I think people play hickory and play persimmon because they're more of a purist, and they want to put their self to test more than just the equipment. They're the ones that enjoy it the most. I'm almost afraid that as technology advances, you almost glean less from what you're doing. It's “faster and further,” and it just loses something. If there was a taste of golf that you savor, I think it's being lost.

    On screen text: Louisville Golf makes some of the finest hickory and persimmon clubs in the world. They have been making them the exact same way for decades.

    On screen text: ASK QUESTIONS. BE ENGAGED.

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    Robert Just: I have never hit a metal driver. I never will; it wouldn't be the same.

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Who wouldn’t want to experience what it felt like to be Bobby Jones?

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