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Flop shots

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    Michael Block: Okay, I hear a lot: “Michael, how do you hit a flop shot?” Well, number one, you have to look at the lie that you have. What have you been given? If the lie is bad, do not hit a flop shot. It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to work. You’re either going to chuck it or thin it. If you have a decent lie and you can get a little bit underneath it, you can hit a flop.

    Now, the big key that I personally use for the flop shot is my right hand and my right palm. I have to have my palm still facing the sky through impact because if my palm starts to actually go down towards the ground, I’m de-lofting the club, and it’s going to go 90 yards, which is what we do not want to have happen right now.

    So, I’m going to open up that club face. I’m going to keep the right hand underneath, so the field is this through the impact zone.

    So remember, the next time you’re trying a flop shot, number one, you need a good lie. Number two, you need to commit to the shot. And number three, you got to be good.

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Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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