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Power off the tee

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    Onscreen text: Charles Schwab Presents Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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    Onscreen text: Driving: Power off the Tee Michael Block PGA Professional

    Michael Block: : Okay, this swing tip is about power off the tee. I'm not the right person to ask, so I brought in a family member—my son Dylan Block. Eighteen years old, just finished in the top 64 of the World Long Drive Championship, with a max drive of 417 yards. I can't even hit it 317. So Dylan, two huge keys to create that speed.

    Dylan Block: My two biggest ones are loading into my left side as hard as I can, going to the top of my swing. And absolutely just with everything I have firing my left leg and my left hip backwards and out. Not up, but back and out, so I can then help my upper body get to the ball as fast as I can.

    Michael Block: And so at what point does that weight shift in? Is it when you get to the top or prior?

    Dylan Block: So I feel it like a timer. As the second I hit the top of my swing, I feel my lower body fire as hard as I can. Now on video it won't look like that, but to me that's what it feels like.

    Michael Block: All right, let's see it.

    [Dylan demonstrates a drive.]

    Michael Block: All right, that just flew me. Dylan, thank you so much. So if you want to create more speed, once you get to the top, load into your left side and try to kick that left hip and this left leg as straight as you can back and try to jump off that ground and hit that reverse dunk. Good luck. And man, it's fun watching you buddy.

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Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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