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Square your wedge

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    Onscreen text: In the Sand: Square Your Wedge Michael Block PGA Professional

    Michael Block: Okay, so I'm playing in a Pro-Am or I'm playing with some members here at the club. They go in the bunker, and the first thing I see them do is open up their wedge wide open. Now, just so you know, when you do open up your wedge in a bunker, you're adding more bounce. When it hits the sand, it's going to bounce off the sand. Now, if you don't have the correct technique or the correct sand, or you don't practice six hours a week like a tour pro does, it's going to hit the sand, bounce up into the middle of the golf ball, and send it into the forest and behind you.

    So I don't personally recommend it unless you have PGA Tour–quality sand—right?—or you practice six hours a week, which most of us don't. So next time you are in a bunker, don't open up the lob wedge or sand wedge six, seven degrees because you're adding that much amount of bounce. I have eight degrees of bounce on this wedge, and I've got a firm bunker here, so I'm going to set up to it nice and square. I still let the club open up going back. I don't want it to be shut. Right? Because if it's shut, then I have to hold it open. I'm going to let it open up and then release it coming through, but with a square club face.

    I hope that helps next time you're in a bunker.

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Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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