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The grip

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    Onscreen text: Charles Schwab Presents Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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    Onscreen text: Putting: The Grip Michael Block PGA Professional

    Michael Block: Grips are very personal and I'm going to show you mine. I use a cross-handed grip, number one. But this is how I put my hands on the grip.

    Michael Block: Number one, I lay the club down and I only put my right hand on first and it's right up my lifeline with my forefinger down the direct right side of the grip, which I have a very flat right side. And now when I do this, I make sure the grip is dead square and then I go ahead and put the left hand on same way, directly down the lifeline with my forefinger directly on the left side this time.

    Michael Block: Now the big key to this is you can see with the backside of my left hand and my right hand, they’re both parallel to the face angle, which is key.

    Michael Block: If I have my left hand up on top too much, it's going to open up. If it's underneath too much, it's going to close. So they're both parallel to the face, which is key. Now is…all I have to worry about is rocking my shoulders. So grip's on correctly, rock the shoulders, and I hope it goes in.

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Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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