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    Onscreen text: Charles Schwab Presents Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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    Onscreen text: Irons: Play Your Game Michael Block PGA Professional

    Michael Block: Okay, here we are. 152 yards into a breeze, PGA Championship, Oak Hill, on Sunday with my guy, Rory McIlroy.

    Michael Block: So normally, I hit my 7-iron 170 yards, and people are like, "You only hit your 7-iron 152?" I'm like, "No. I actually was into the breeze, and that week my best shots were when I had more of a modified finish." And when I say a modified finish, it wasn't a big full finish over my shoulders, because I realized quite early in the week that if I had my full finish, my ball was being tugged slightly left.

    Michael Block: So one of the biggest keys that I've learned over my 47 years of life is to play the shot that you have that day and that time that's going to happen. Don't try to play a shot that you did so well a year ago or a month ago. Do what's working today. So I'm going to show you right here. Once again, that's a 7-iron from 152 yards, slight breeze in, and just a couple of people watching.

    Michael Block[after a shot]: Slight draw and, no, I didn't see it go in.

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Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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