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Plugged lie

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    Onscreen text: In the Sand: Plugged Lie Michael Block PGA Professional

    Michael Block: Well, look at this. We've all had one of these, right? A plugged lie in the bunker. What do we do? Now, one of the biggest keys is, and what most people don't do, is you have to hit down into the sand as hard as you can and not try to help it up. Because what most people do is, they play it too far forward in their stance and they try to help it up. Now, what happens is, because of the lie and it's sitting down, you hit half the golf ball and it never gets out.

    Michael Block:So what I'm going to do on this: I'm going to set up on it as athletic as I can, a lot of knee flex, so I can get down low. Low is the key here. And then as I swing, I'm really going to let the club go vertical on the backswing. So I'm going to have a lot of wrist hinge on the backswing, so I can slam the club with a lot of angle of descent here, so I can hit it and it's going to pop out. There's going to be no finish to this. I'm not going to have a pretty finish with a plugged lie. So, I'll demonstrate here. A lot of flex in the knees being very athletic, club face pretty square, and I'm going to just slam the club into the sand and let it pop out.

    Michael [after a shot]: I’m happy with that. Eight feet for par, we're good. Hopefully, next time you have a plugged lie, this helps.

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Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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