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    Onscreen text: Charles Schwab Presents Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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    Onscreen text: Putting: Eliminate 3-Putts Michael Block PGA Professional

    Michael Block: So is this two balls to the left, two cups to the left, two and a half balls? Who cares, honestly. You do not 3-putt because you misread it two balls or one ball out. You 3-putt it because of speed. If you look back at your round and you think about why did I 3-putt four times today and waste four shots, it's because of speed, not alignment of where your read was. The guys on tour is, what they'll do is, they'll come over here to this section of the green when their ball is here to their pin and sit down here, and then from here they're really seeing the undulation of the green. As I can see, this is definitely working downhill. But also from this angle, which I never see amateurs use, I can also see this is going to drift pretty good to the right as well.

    Michael Block: This is more of a feel putt, right? We don't need to be perfectly specific on this. I know it's going to work left to right, so I know I'm going to aim a little bit out to left, but the main thing I'm concerned here is the speed. I do not want a 3-putt. This is a high drip putt coming in at about eight o'clock. I'm visualizing it with my eyes, not being too specific on how far outside. And then I drip it on that high side here. And I want to guarantee you that I'm not going to 3-putt this. So if you guys get rid of the 3-putts, I guarantee your strokes are going to go down so much. Your handicap is going to get better, and you're going to beat up on your friends a lot more.

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Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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