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Correcting a slice

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    Michael Block: So why does everybody tend to slice their driver? Well, the most common denominator that I personally see is, everyone knows that the driver ball positioning is more forward in the stance, right? So the ball's more to the left side and the left foot. Now is what a lot of players do not do is, here's center, and then they go forward in their stance. They actually reach for it here because it is left. But because they did this, now their shoulders are open. So from this angle, they're reaching for this.

    Now, here's the thing that's going to happen is, you're going to swing down your shoulder line, which means you're going to swing down and left. So if you want to hit it short and hit a slice, that's perfect. Now, vice versa, you want to hit bombs and draws in straight, play that ball off your left heel. And then once you set up—because this is naturally going to happen—you can put your left hand on your right shoulder, push it back, realign yourself so now you're square to your feet, and now it's time to go. From this position, we can hit the back of the golf ball and get rid of that weak slice.

    So next time you're playing golf, get that driver left heel, square up the shoulders, and hit some bombs.

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Improving Your Game with Michael Block

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